What Does A Home Inspector Do?



If you’re planning to sell or buy a home, reaching out to a home inspector is necessary. A home inspector does exactly what the name says—inspects a home for possible issues. They make sure that a home is fit to be used by their future owners.

What do they exactly look out for when inspecting a home? Read on to find out:

Inspection Process

Home inspectors will look at your home closely, upside down, inside and out. They will determine the fitness of a property by performing safety and function inspections. They will tell you that the home is safe and functional before you sell or buy it.

Here are some things they look at:


Expect them to look around your home even before getting inside. They’re checking the conditions of your home from the outside. They will:

  • Look around for large trees close the house, as their roots can cause structural damage to the property.

  • Check the roof’s condition, including the tiles and frames.

  • Ensure that gates and fences are in good condition.

  • Inspect external structures such as sheds, granny flats or pergolas.

  • Watch out for fire hazards.

  • Check that the external walls are sound.

  • Look out for harmful plants in the garden.

  • Check for signs of pests.

  • Test water pressure of taps outside.


Once they go inside your home, they will:

  • Check phone and internet lines and TV aerial points.

  • Look out for cracks on the walls. You might see them touching your wallpapers.

  • Check for dampness in the floors and walls.

  • Inspect the plumbing system. They will look out for leaks and check if the drainage is working.

  • Check if ceilings don’t have leak stains or moulds.

  • Test if windows and blinds are in working order.

  • Find out if the home’s framework became rusty.

  • Check if the electrical systems are in working order, including heating, air conditioning, fans, lighting, and the like.

  • See if all doors are functional.

  • Check the traffic noise level inside the house.

After Inspection

The home inspector will make an inspection report based on the things they saw in the property. The building inspection report will normally include the following:

  • fencing

  • structure

  • paths and driveways

  • drainage

  • steps

  • garden shed or garage

This report will be given to you so you can make an informed decision about repairs and maintenance.

What Should You Do?

Before An Inspection

  • Make sure that you have a reputable home inspector.

  • Remember that you can ask for a particular part or item in a home to be inspected, such as:

  1. Operable electrical safety switch

  2. Working smoke alarms

  3. Foundations of the property

  4. Signs of asbestos

Take note that home inspectors only check the safety and usability of the home, not its adherence to the existing building codes—that’s a code inspector’s job.

After The Inspection

Once the inspector finished the report on a property’s condition, you can now make an informed decision based on the findings. If you’re selling a property, you can do the necessary repairs or sell the property at a lower price, if it has big maintenance issues. If you’re buying a property, you can choose not to go with the purchase if you find something in the inspection report.

Home inspectors are a huge help to any buyer or seller. If you need more advice or want me to refer you to a trusty home inspector, just drop a message!


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