Tips for Buying & Selling At The End of the Year



You need to be aware that there are actually only a few chances left to act within this calendar year. So if you are thinking of doing something, the real question that you kind of really need to ask yourself is - are you thinking of acting now or next year? Because respectfully speaking, there's not a huge amount of time to go out there. However, it is a bloody good time to get out there and be part of the process!


As a Buyer

Be financially ready.

Go out there, talk to a broker today, and get yourself into a financially ready position. I’ve had a couple of cases recently where buyers have gone and put interest in homes. They haven't been in financial ready positions though and in that period where there was some granted extensions and movements going forward, another buyer who was in in a financial ready position actually bought it for slightly more. If you've ever missed out on a house before, it takes a long time to finally go and find another one that fits your criteria. It doesn't happen that quickly, so it is a little bit annoying and it is a bit painful from that regard.

Don’t wait until the open home.

Open homes are there as a convenience. They're great for going through a home in an organised way where you don't have to call up to do an inspection, but if you're genuine and you wanna take advantage of this market and where it sits, book an inspection. Most times if you really wanna see a home and feel a home and understand it a little bit more, a 30 to 45-minute window will give you enough time. Most agents and owners are very willing to make time for someone interested to come through their home. So if you have a car and you have a lunch break, get out there and book some open homes or inspections of the homes you actually wanna go and see.

As a Seller

Check where you sit in the marketplace.

The market is the competitive edge. It does move up, it does move down, so you need to make sure that you're competitively valued in the market right now today. If you are competitively valued, people will be turning up to your front door. It's a great sort of source.

Prepare your building and past documents.

Any documentation that's associated with that, have it ready. Any certifications, have it ready. Your job as a seller is to make it as easy as possible for the buyer to buy the home. And if you can do that, that'll make sure that you can easily and very efficiently sell your home.


So if you are thinking that right now or this is the time that you wanna go and do it, then by all means, get out there, book some appointments. Be ready for the buyer or get yourself ready for the next cycle. Because there is always a next cycle. So if you do like the idea of moving it to the next year market, start setting a plan now. Let's put it all together, and we'll see you in the following new year!


SellingDarcy Lord