The Top 10 Things Buyers Want in a House



When selling your home, you have two goals: for it to be sold as high and fast as possible. To do that, you need to make sure that your property is sought-after and caters to buyers’ needs and wants. How can you do that? Here are ten things buyers want. Take notes!

One: Open Plan Living

Open plan living offers a home more space for residents to entertain visitors, for children to play, and just makes it generally looks more open and spacious. Buyers, especially those with children, will love to see the living room, dining room, and kitchen flowing seamlessly in one space.

Two: Renovated Kitchen and Bathroom

These two areas are arguably the most used rooms in a home - it’s no wonder that buyers want high-quality kitchen and bathrooms in a property.

Bathrooms that are re-tiled, have modern fixtures, and of course, functional are a big turn-on to buyers. Also, a spacious kitchen with modern appliances and wide bench space give your property more value.

Three: Outdoor Entertaining Area

Buyers will like an outdoor entertaining area where they can enjoy the sun and have a barbecue with friends and family. Bonus points if this area flows well from the indoors! Make sure that it’s protected from the sun and rains and have waterproof furnishing for a more homely feel.

Four: Natural Lighting

Natural light is also something that buyers look for in a home. It gives the home a warmer atmosphere and is said to increase the body’s serotonin levels. The best thing about it? It costs zero dollars! So make sure that emphasise this feature.

Go for glossier, brighter paints for the walls for it to reflect natural light. Replace walls with glass blocks. Install skylights in your ceilings. If your home aces the north, all the better! As this orientation allows plenty of natural light to enter your home.

Five: Spacious Backyard

Australians love having enough space in the backyard for kids and pets to play and to have guests over. Most buyers even ask about backyard size before actually going for an inspection. To make the most out of your backyard, clean it and remove weeds. Mow the lawn. Make it low maintenance. Doing these will show off your backyard better.

Six: Ample Storage

A home never have too much storage—and buyers love that. Make as much storage spaces as possible in your property such as built-in wardrobes, drawers under the bed, spaces under the stairs, in the kitchen, bathroom or outdoors.

Play up this feature when selling your home. Buyers like a home where they have the space to store their stuff without it feeling cluttered and cramped.

Seven: Outdoor View

If your home opens to a scenic view such as lush mountains, the ocean or any beautiful view, emphasise this in your listing. Because after all, who doesn’t love to see a beautiful view everyday?

Eight: Good Floor Plan

A good floor plan will make a difference—they may make more buyers inquire about your home and ask for an inspection. Putting your floor plan in the listing will not only make you look more professional, but will also make it easier for buyers to envision themselves living in the property. When they see the exact shape and size of each room, they can plan how to put certain furniture or how they want to use a room.

Nine: Spacious Bedrooms

Check if all your bedrooms—not just main suite—are spacious enough and have built-in storage. Buyers, especially those with kids, want bedrooms where their children have space to play in and for some furniture.

Ten: Security and Privacy

Buyers want a home that can keep them safe and gives them privacy from other neighbours. A house that can provide them that will be in their good books. Keep your home safe by doing regular maintenance and installing security features such as motion-activated lighting or burglar alarms. Having fences or greenery that gives the home cover and privacy will never go amiss.

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Having most, if not all, of these will help you sell your property fast, I’m sure! Good luck on your house selling venture! If you need advice, just drop a message on my social media.


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