How To Stage Your Home For A Sale

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Home staging is a helpful tool in making your home more pleasing to potential buyers. However, it can get expensive, especially if you’re on a tight budget. If you want to DIY staging your home, here are some tips:

Rearrange furniture to make a room look larger.

We should aim for a room to feel larger, and placement of furniture is a crucial element in this. A tip: people normally look at a room from left to right, so place the tallest piece of the furniture in the left corner of a room for it to appear larger.

Ask yourself: What will they see first?

Walk around your home and think of the places where buyers are likely to stop. If those places aren’t pleasing to the eye, the best move is to change or move it. Why? Because these places can affect how buyers will view the rest of the house. Take the front door as an example. Once they open it, they’ll stop to look at the surroundings—so they should see something pleasing.

Everything should be consistent.

Make sure that your home’s theme is consistent and carried all the way through. The aim is to have an overall feeling of oneness and balance in your home.

Take the time to look around your home to make sure that what you see is consistent. If you need to have more colour, you can do this by adding cushions, art, and throws. If there is something that doesn’t go well with your home’s theme, take it away from the room.

Employ diversionary tactics.

If there’s something in the house you can’t easily fix, divert one’s attention to somewhere else. Covering up or hiding it can make it more obvious and that can turn buyers off. Place something interesting or beautiful somewhere else in the room.

Paint the fence in a dark colour.

Improve your backyard with a can of paint by changing up the fence’s colour. The dark colour serves as the spotlight for your garden—everyone’s focus will be on the lovely plants.

Let there be light.

A bright home draws potential buyers in, so keep everything light and bright, especially during open houses! Open the windows and blinds, weather permitting. Invest in bright light bulbs and lamps.

Think green.

Have real plants in every room, even the bathrooms. Having alive and healthy plants in a home is a sign that the house is also cared for—something buyers look for in a home. Even though flowers are beautiful, they die fast and buying new bunches weekly isn’t practical.

Make the bed.

It doesn’t mean that you need to go all fancy, but make it nicer than you would on a normal day. Throw in nice pillows, extra cushions and throws. Try to match the colours of the room with some art pieces.

You don’t need to spend so much money on your home to look beautiful. If you need advice or help in selling your home, you can always message me on my social media!


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