How to Hire the Right Interior Decorator

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An interior decorator can really help make your property look fantastic—with their professional eye, knowledge and experience. If you want to hire an interior decorator to help you vamp up your home, here are questions you should keep in mind:


Are they experienced and qualified?

Choose a decorator that has both a professional qualification and experience. Interior decorators focus on decorative details such as colour schemes, design items, furniture layout or wall art so they don't need a standardized education. A training program about the foundational principles of interior design may be enough plus a set of savvy eyes who can help bring an entirely new look to your existing space.

Do they have a portfolio?

Make sure that your candidates have a portfolio you can look at. Their portfolios of previous works will help you see their style and if it would match with yours. Aside from portfolios, you can ask them for visual proposals so that you’ll have a better view of how a space will look like after it was decorated in a certain way. Visual proposals can also help you narrow down your choices in terms of design and budget.

What do their previous clients say about them?

Ask your candidates for a list of references you can contact before deciding. These people worked with them before—you could ask about their work ethic, how they interact with clients and workers, and how well they did their job. It’s better to get the details from someone who experienced it firsthand.

How do you work?

Before choosing a decorator, you should first look into your work style. Here are some questions you should ask yourself:

  • What mode of communication do you prefer?

  • Do you want to be involved in every step and decision for the project, or do you want to leave the nitty-gritty details to the decorator?

  • Do you need guidance with regards to the design process, such as colours and space?

  • Are you comfortable in making decisions within a deadline or in a limited timeline?

These questions will help you figure out what you want from the decorator you will choose. This way, your expectations from the decorator are clear and you can choose the right decorator based on those expectations.

How much is your budget?

You also need to take budget into consideration when choosing an interior decorator. You can narrow down your choices through their visual proposals, as they include prices in those. You should also find out if they charge a flat fee or per hour. Remember: don’t spend outside your means.

How will you and the decorator work together?

It’s important that you and your chosen decorator can communicate well with each other and are compatible to avoid issues and complications throughout the project. Through the interview, ask them questions about their process and see if they can explain it well. It’s essential that you develop a cordial relationship with your decorator within the first few meetings—with mutual respect and proper communication. If you don’t feel this with a candidate, it’s best that you move on to the others.


These questions can help you pick the decorator that fits your requirements and would have a nice time working with. Happy decorator-hunting! If you need advice, just drop a line in any of my social media accounts.


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