Great Investment Ideas for the New Year

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Having a rental property is a good investment— this means more income and you have an extra home should you decide to use it someday. While property is always a good investment, you should also consider investing in other industries. Diversify your investment portfolio even further this 2019 with these investment ideas:

Peer-to-Peer Lending

Unlike traditional lending, peer-to-peer lending just involves the lender and borrower, meeting online and coming up with their own terms and conditions. Through peer-to-peer lending, you can get a generous return, even up to 10%. You can use your extra money for lending and earn more from those.

Asset Light Businesses

An asset light business has fewer capital assets compared to its operations, unlike a traditional company. This kind of business don’t need too much money to operate, which gives them extra cash for marketing and grow their presence. One good example of an asset light business is Uber—it only has its app, they get the cars from their partner operators, and get a percentage of their partners’ earnings. Investing in asset light businesses can deliver you a better return on your investment, has greater flexibility, and lower profit volatility.


Fixed income assets, also called bonds, is an investment that can give you a reliable and relatively stable return. You can purchase a corporate or government bond, depending on your preference—think of it as you lending them money. Then the money you spent will be paid back with interest, which will be paid in regular instalments throughout the time you have the bond.

Even though bonds can be considered ‘too safe’ by some, having them in your investment portfolio can help offset losses you will have from more volatile markets, such as shares.


You can buy a publicly-listed corporation’s shares, or equities, as an investment. They are known to provide high returns but also incur big losses, which makes it a volatile and risky market. They are vulnerable to sudden up and downs due to different situations in the economy.

Different shares can have varying results, so great care and vigilance is needed in maintaining shares. You can keep track of prices of both bonds and shares in the Australia Stock Exchange (ASX), the country’s stock market. However, it’s best that you hire an experienced investment expert to help you manage your shares.

Saving money

Yes, you read that right. Saving your money in your accounts and term deposits is investing. It might not have the highest return like the others, but it’s safe and more accessible, in case you need the money quickly. Keep in mind, however, that some providers might charge fees or reduce the interest if you decide to withdraw the money earlier than expected.


For the youngsters, the best investment you can have is yourself. Spend money on coaching, workshops, and mentorships that will help you develop your skills and abilities for a better career in the future. Getting guidance in your desired field and meeting like-minded individuals for a better you is money well-spent.


Putting your money in different places will ensure that you have different sources of income and if ever one of them falls through, you’ll have a backup. If you need more advice, you can always drop a message on my social media!


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