Building Solid Trust is a Crucial Part of Being an Agent



I want to go over a bit about how much building relationship and trust is worth for a Real Estate Agent. When your clients give you a high amount of trust, you gain the ability to make an action and a decision very quickly. So I want to tell you a story about my own experience when it comes to dealing with clients that give their trust!

I walked in with everything; suit, tie, jacket, and information. I sat there and said, "Alright, let's get into it." The client goes, "Look. Don't worry about it too much. We had a really good outcome last time and I trust the way that you do it because I've also experienced it. And as long as we can do it again together, I'm happy to keep moving forward."

So what normally takes like an hour-long presentation happened in about 20 to 30 minutes. Really clean conversation since we have such high amounts of trust and we moved with speed. We made some great decisions and got some great marketing options.

So that's what happens when you find someone that you trust. First, you make them like you, show them your expertise and advice them without compromising anything. I've done all of those with this particular client so the second time around, it's a lot cleaner, it's a lot quicker. That's what happens when you find someone that you really trust and you really like.

I'd love to talk to you guys and show you what it is I do, how I do it and why we do it. We treat our clients with utmost care and hopefully, we can get you on board as well!


SellingDarcy Lord