3 Reasons to Be There During a Building & Pest Inspection

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If you can, be at the building and pest inspection, do it! If you don't have time, that’s totally fine. But in my 15 years of doing this, my best advice for you is to be there because you can get a lot of valuable advice through it. Keep reading to know how being there during the building and pest inspection can benefit you as a buyer.


You get it straight out from the inspectors.

The building inspector typically goes around the property, they'll tap, they'll knock, they'll inspect walls. Be there around 15 minutes after they started inspecting then when the building and pest inspection is finished, what will actually happen is these guys are going to say, "Hey come with me.

We're going to do for a bit of a walk around the property, I'm going to point out a few things." You get a lot more information right there. If you aren’t clear on some things, you can then ask questions straight away and you can go and say, "Hey mate, I don't really understand that. What does that mean for me?"

Stay educated on the process.

Because most of us aren't really that educated in what a building and pest inspection mean and how it actually works. But if you get here, you learn a lot more, because they tell you a whole bunch more stuff, and ultimately I find that it brings a lot of clarity and it brings a lot of ease down to the situation.

You can still wait for the report from them but when you get them it's very black and white. It's full of jargon and it's also full of legal scripts but if you turn up during the inspection, you get a chance to ask and have a clear answer.

You’ll know about the problems and how to solve them.

The questions that I ask at the end of a building and pest inspection are quite simple. I actually have no interest other than that the home is in good condition, and the buyer loves it, and the seller loves it. But I think an important thing to know is what's changed since the home has been bought and what's been improved. Another one is to ask is if there are any structural problems that will make the home fall down. Because you don’t want a house that’s about to fall down.

And lastly, ask if there are active termites in the home. Active termites and termite damage, it's everywhere in Queensland. You don’t want to live in a home with active termites obviously but if you do decide to kill them, treat them you would also want to know - how extensive is the damage? That's really the questions there.


I hope that helps you guys. If you need a hand with buying or selling, reach out any time on social media or give me a call. Have a great day and I will see you at the opens!


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